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In arrivo le splendide tute da ciclista di Forza L'Aquila
New merchindising: Forza L'Aquila cycling suits
Forza L'Aquila alla tappa aquilana del Giro d'Italia
Forza L'Aquila at Giro d'Italia
Forza L'Aquila a Roma per la finale Tim Cup
Forza L'Aquila at Rome for Tim Cup final
Il nuovo progetto della 'Città dello Sport'
New project of 'Città dello Sport'
Asta per la maglia della Nazionale di Andrea Masi autografata
Andrea Masi signed shirt on ebay
L'agenzia di moda Fanatica per Forza L'Aquila
Fashion agenzy Fanatica for Forza L'Aquila
Italia - Scozia femminile a Colleferro: donati 6000 € a Forza L'Aquila
Italia - Scotlan woman at Colleferro: 6000 € donated at Forza L'Aquila
Presentazione Team Acqua&Sapone 2010
Presentation Acqua&Sapone Team 2010
Carlo Azeglio Ciampi per Forza L'Aquila
Carlo Azeglio Ciampi for Forza L'Aquila
Presentazione del progetto Forza L'Aquila
Presentation of Forza L'Aquila Project
Video messaggio di Guido Bertolaso
Meessagge from Guido Bertolaso
L'Italia Rugby indossa le nostre felpe durante l'inno
National Rugby with our shirt during the anthem
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Forza L’Aquila, a no-profit association, was created after the earthquake that on April 6, 2009 at 3.32 in the night destroyed the town of L’Aquila.  It was founded by Carlo Caione, its President, with  the immediate support, moral and professional qualities of its founding members, Antonio Barile, Aldo Benedetti, Andrea Castellani, Lanfranco Massimi, all born at L’Aquila and proud of it.

Photo floating to the left The earthquake was so devastating that if only it had occurred six or seven hours later, when schools, universities, offices and shops are crowded with people, it would have certainly caused thousands of casualties.
The idea inspiring the creation of Forza L’Aquila was and is the rebirth of our town.
The first of several projects was inspired by the need to create a proper environment for social and cultural   aggregation for the population scattered all over the territory by the consequences of the event.
It is a unique, ambitious, high profile project, and at the same time of great social impact. It represents our strong will to come alive again, focusing in particular on the need of that part of the population that the earthquake damaged the most: The older, the disable, the younger.
Through the efforts of its several members and volunteers, Forza L’Aquila continues in its activity of collecting funds and organizing events with the involvement of schools, industries, commercial companies  and the whole community.
We have realized a technical project to offer to our town, well documented, like all our initiatives, with money transfers visible on the website, on the page “contribution”.
At present time, though the great support received by our contributors and the government (for which we will always be grateful), only a small part of the whole has been realized due to the entity of  the damage that the earthquake caused to our beautiful and ancient town.
This project and many others inspired by the need to give a new birth to L’Aquila in all fields of daily life are the reason why we have  started this fascinating and challenging adventure and ask for the support of all of you.

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